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Buy Delay Gel Online in Surat - Delay Your Orgasm - Until You Are Good and Ready.

Buy Delay Gel Online in Surat - Delay Your Orgasm

Who does not like to boast about his prolonged sexual spell? But premature ejaculation can be a meddling issue preventing men to achieve their moment of fame.

Buy Online Long Time Sexual Power Delay Discharge Gel in Surat. Delay Gel is primarily to delay the ejaculation for those who are suffering from premature ejaculation problems. However, this is also used by normal men to prolong their ejaculation and please their partners in bed with a prolonged performance. Buy Delay Gel, Delay Gel, Delay Gel for Men, Delay Gel for Man, Delay Gel How to Use, Delay Gel Application, The Delay Gel, How does a Delay Gel Work, Delay Gel Best, Delay Gel Buy, Delay Gel Buy Online, Delay Gel Does It Work, Delay Gel Effects, Vitamin E Delay Gel, Delay Gel How to Work, Delay Your Orgasm, Extra Time Delay Discharge Gel.

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Delay Gels and delay gels are a simple way to treat premature ejaculation in men. It can be also used normally as climax Gels or penis Gels to increase their ejaculation time by delaying climax and last longer in bed.

Delay Gel is an excellent delay Gel for men and is the ultimate solution to one of the most common male sexual issues, premature ejaculation. Enriched with Vitamin E, it desensitizes the Penis when Geled to the head and works within 5 minutes of being Geled.

Once you Gel this on to your erect penis, you can have sex up to 10 times longer than before. This extended ability to go longer might help you satisfy your lover, ensuring mind-blowing orgasms for both of you. Premature ejaculation is a really common condition that affects about 75% men at one point or another in their life. This product is recommended for all those people who believe this premature ejaculation thing is coming between them having great sex with their partner. Gel twice to head of the penis, and wait for 5 minutes then you are ready for action. If you feel a tingling sensation after Geling just ignore this, as it will subside within a minute. You can also Gel it onto the palm of your hands and gently massage the penis. This Gel is also odor and taste-free, so your partner will not find out about your secret when she/he goes down on you.

Delay Gel will result in reduced sensitivity, gives you a long-lasting erection, increases your confidence and enjoyment, enhances your sexual libido and increases the sexual appetite for both the partners. Customers who order this delay Gel come back again and again.

Designed to boost your pleasure in the bedroom, our collection of male sexual enhancers offer something for everyone. Our supplements can be used to increase erection strength, how long your erection lasts, and sensitivity while enhancing your overall sexual experience. Royal Sex Toys carries topical and oral erection enhancing solutions to satisfy everyone's preferences and needs.

Our most popular products are delay Gels and gels, which allow you to last longer and achieve greater pleasure with the help of the desensitizer benzocaine. To increase arousal, try one of our pheromone-infused colognes or Gels. These naturally alluring fragrances will attract potential lovers while simultaneously boosting your self-confidence.

Oral supplements are another type of product popular for getting and maintaining a strong, satisfying erection. These options contain natural ingredients that jump-start the body’s hormone production, leading to an improved libido and better performance. As with any supplement, please consult with a medical professional before beginning your experience.

How Delay Gel works?

Delay Gel contains Lidocaine, a chemical that works as a de-sensitizer. This actually works on the surface of the penis by reducing the tactile sensitivity so that the ejaculation can be delayed. This medicated Gel was originally developed for men with poor ejaculation control, which can lead to anxiety and reduced sexual performance. The product is aimed to boost the sexual confidence by delaying ejaculation.

Delay Gel is now being used by normal couples to enjoy a prolonged love making session. It is absolutely safe to use, non-toxic and odourless. It can be used with all condoms. Gel your penis when it is erect and then wear your condom. It is clinically proven that delay Gel works fast, safe and is very effective in delaying ejaculation. When you want your next encounter to be as long as possible, conveniently order your delay Gel online from our web store Royal Sex Toys and try it yourself.

How to use Delay Gel?

Hold the Gel canister and Gel 3 or more times to the head and shaft of your penis when it is in the erect stage. It is advisable not to exceed 10 Gels at one time. Quantity and timing of the Gel can vary with individual requirements. But it is recommended to use minimum quantity to get effective results.

If some other questions creep your head about delay Gel, then read below

  • Delay Gel is harmless for women and it is absolutely safe for vaginal penetration. However, it should be avoided when the woman is pregnant.
  • Delay Gel can be used with all leading latex condoms brands available in the market, unless otherwise specifically mentioned by the condom manufacturer.
  • It is safe for oral sex. However minimal quantity is recommended.
  • Delay Gel is an approved product in India and it can be bought over the counter without any prescription.
  • Delay Gel is very effective and works perfectly well for many men.
  • As an alternative to Delay Gel, delay cream/Gel is also available.

How to use Delay Gel - Cream?

Delay cream is the simple way to control premature ejaculation. It is simple to use and prolong your sexual time with your partner. All you need to do is to apply some cream over the shaft and head of your penis and then begin your intercourse. It needs to be applied each time before you have sex. There is no need to worry about applying cream when you are not having sex.

The ingredients used in delay creams are usually Benzocaine and Lidocaine, which are regarded as safe for most people.

Some men and women may be allergic to anaesthetic cream; they should not use Delay Gel or Delay Cream. But ingredients are usually safe for all people and it is widely used across the world for delaying ejaculation and enjoying prolonged sex.

How to use Delay Gels?

You should know that not all delay Gels or creaks work the same way. However, there are standard ways to apply a delay Gel for desired results. Let us see one by one.

Start Slow

If you are going to use a delay Gel for the first time, it is advisable to start off with just 1 Gel. You can check whether you skin tolerates the Gel. The skin we mean is your penis. See if you do not get any irritation. If it works satisfactorily for you with just 1 or 2 Gels then you can enjoy Gel for a longer duration as the Gel can last long.  As a standard rule, 2 to 5 Gels should work for you. You can try a maximum of 10 Gels and anything more is not recommended.

After the couple of times, you should be able to find the number of Gels that works best for you. Then you can stick to that number and repeat as many Gels in your subsequent attempts. Some may just need 1 Gel, while someone else would need 5 Gels. You will know your right quantity only when you begin to use the product. You take the call.

Hit the right spot.

There is no prescribed direction with regard to where to Gel exactly. You are advised to Gel on the most sensitive parts of your penis and you do not need to cover the entire head. If you Gel all over the penis head, there is a possibility that it gets numbed too much leading to loss of erection and sex becomes less enjoyable.

For some the Gel could work if Geled on the underside of the penis head or underside of the shaft. For some head and shaft can work wonders.

So the critical success factor for best results is to locate the most sensitive spot on your penis and use the delay Gel on the spot

Importantly, after Geling you need to gently rub to ensure it gets absorbed completely. You may take only 10-20 seconds to get this. Though, it may take little longer if you rub on your shaft. You need to identify the spot to Gel which works best for you. You can find it after few attempts.

What time to use the Delay Gel - during flaccid or erect penis?

You can Gel during any stage of your sex and it can work well both when your organ is soft or erect. So, again you have to decide at what stage you need to Gel and continue what works best for you. But remember to give atleast 10 minutes before you

How soon before Sex the delay Gel should be used?

Though different brands require different timings, you are advised to look at the instructions mentioned at the back of your Gel brand. However, as a general rule, you have to Gel atleast 5 - 10 minutes before sex to get sure results.

How can Delay Gels delay my ejaculation?

Most of the delay Gels are formulated with a mild anesthetic chemical called Benzocaine. This gets absorbed into the penile tissues and in turn those tissues will control ejaculation. In simpler terms, benzocaine works as a relaxant for the nerves in your genitalia and asking them to slow down. And thus you can enjoy the ride for a longer time.

How long can I last in bed with a delay Gel?

There are a lot of factors that involve ejaculation. So, lasting long in bed largely depends on your physiology, penile sensitivity, stress, general stamina etc.,  In general, global sexual studies suggest that men in general ejaculate after five and half minutes of intercourse. If you are currently below that timeline delay Gel will help you touch six minutes. If you are currently at five and half, you can very well go beyond 7 to 8 minutes of full throttle thrust.

Does Delay Gel needs to be washed off before sex?

It is recommended to wash off or wipe your penis before oral sex. You do not need to wipe if off before penetration. When you have applied little extra, you can wipe the excess with a damp cloth and get on with your penetration.

Should I wash my hands before using Delay Gels?

Yes. Hands should be washed after applying the Gel to make sure you do not touch your partner and pass on the Gel on her body parts. Further it might lead to irritation of your hand accidentally touches eyes or other sensitive parts of your body. So, wash your hands off after Geling it on your organ.

How long the Delay Gel will be effective?

Though the effect of Gel will vary from person to person, as a general rule, the Gel will be effective for atleast one hour. Meaning, you can have sex within one hour after Gel and your organ will be numb for one hour after a Gel and you can make the best use of that to enjoy a prolonged coital session.

Is it ok to use a condom or indulge only in an unprotected sex along with Delay Gels?

It is ok to have both protected and unprotected sex with most of the delay Gels. However it is recommended to use only a latex condom.

Can couples indulge in oral sex after using a Delay Gel?

It is not recommended immediately after a Gel as the taste might be unpleasant. However, couples can indulge in oral sex atleast after 15 minutes of a Gel and male organ needs to be washed off clean. In general, it is better to avoid oral sex after a Gel.

How safe is it to use Delay Gel if your partner is trying to become pregnant or already a pregnant?

It is not recommended to use Gel in such situations. Licocaine which is the main ingredient of all major Gels are unsafe for pregnancy. It should not be used if your partner is pregnant. So, stay away from Gels if you want her to conceive or if she is already carrying.

How many times can Delay Gel be used in a single day?

You need to give atleast 4 hours between each Gel and you can have a maximum of 20 Gels in 24 hours, though it varies with brand to brand. Some brands advise not to exceed 9 Gels in 24 hours.

Can delay Gels be used in combination with drugs like Viagra?

Though there is no specification available on this, there should not be any problem in mixing Gels with medication like Viagra. It is again an individual choice.

Are there any tips to prevent wastage of the Delay Gel?

Yes. You can Gel it into a small glass or bowl and then use your fingers to take out Gel liquid and apply it into the required spots on your penis. This can prevent Gel from going out of range of spots on your penis. Also you can keep the Gel so close to your organ and Gel slowly. Some brands give small bottles with markings to use required quantity. That is the best way to prevent wastage and use only required quantity every time.

How different are Delay Creams from Delay Gels?

Both are same in terms of its ability to desensitize your organ. In delay creams you have to apply the cream, whereas here you can apply the cream onto your organ. You can almost follow the same guidelines for delay creams too. The results will be the same.

Will Delay Gel stain my clothes?

As the delay Gels are water soluble, any stain on your clothes or bed sheets can be washed off easily by putting them on a washing machine. Stains will be removed by normal washing. So do not worry about stains.

How effective Delay Gels are when used in shower, bath tub or Jacuzzi?

As delay Gels are water soluble, it gets washed off in a shower or bath tub. However, you can use it under shower or bath tub for which

  • You have to wait for 10 minutes after Gel. During this time the Gel would have been absorbed into your skin and it will to its job. After 10 minutes of application you can go to shower or Jacuzzi and enjoy your time with her.
  • You can just check by pouring water on to your organ. Both cold and warm water will not have any different feeling on your organ, that is an indication that delay Gel is in action and you can get onto your action.

Can Delay Gels be used by a woman?

No, Delay Gels are meant only for men. Woman should not use it.

What are the side effects of using a Delay Gel?

Delay Gels in general are safe for most men, but like medicines, it may sometimes casue side effects such as rash or irritation. Sometimes woman may also get rash or irritation. If you are seeing any such symptom, stop using the Gel immediately and wash your organ thoroughly with water.

Is the Delay Gel harmful to the environment?

No. Delay Gels used pump action and in no way it harms environment. Most of the delay Gels available in the market are eco-friendly products.

How will the Delay Gel affect my partner's sensitivity?

No way. It will not affect her sensitivity and she will thoroughly enjoy your thrust. She will not feel numbness or anything of that sort. However, you are advised to wipe your penis with a damp cloth or towel before intercourse. Or, you can put a condom 10 minutes after the application of the Gel.

How safe it is to use a Delay Gel?

Delay Gel in general is absolutely safe. However you need to follow the following:

  • Delay Gels are not meant for children and it should be kept out of their reach.
  • You need to wash your penis thoroughly before oral sex. It is not advisable to have oral sex with delay Gel on your penis. You need to wash it off before oral sex or wait atleast 20 minutes after Gel to indulge in oral sex
  • Delay Gel should not be used if you or your partner are allergic to benzocaine
  • Delay Gel should not be Geled on broken skin and it should  be washed off immediately with warm water and soap

You need to wash it off immediately if you experience irritation or loss of erection after Geling delay Gel.

  • If you are already on medication related to sexual issues, it is advisable to consult your physician before using delay Gel
  • Most men across the world use delay Gels and in general have not reported any problems. Unless you have any health problems, delay Gel should work fine for you and allow you to enjoy prolonged ride.

Will the Delay Gels surely delay my ejaculation? Are results guaranteed?

Unless you have medical problems that diminish your sexual energy, delay Gel results are guaranteed for all men. You will be able to last longer and enjoy a prolonged coital session when you use delay Gel properly. Delay Gel will be effective for months, till the last Gel allowing you to enjoy your intercourse thoroughly.

Do I need a prescription to buy a Delay Gel?

No. Delay Gel is not a prescription drug and can be bought over the counter. You can order it online at Royal Sex Toys and get it delivered to your home in discreet packaging.

In some Delay Gels there is a marked dosage bottle? Why it is given?

To ensure you use the same specified quantity every time. When you Gel it on to your organ, you tend to Gel in excess and waste it by Geling on outer areas. Whereas using a dose bottle will allow you to Gel required quantity and use only a specified quantity every time that can work best for you. You will come to know the number of Gels required for every single time and thus you can ensure the Gel is used for a longer period and you enjoy great sex for a longer period.

Benefits Of Using Delay Gels

  • Solid firmer erections
  • Triples your sex stamina
  • Safe on skin, Non-toxic
  • Immediate results
  • Better ejaculation control
  • Absorbs faster
  • Easy application
  • Last Longer in Bed
  • Watch Her Orgasm – Over and Over
  • Extend Your Pleasure
  • Have An Amazing Sex Life
  • Works in Just 10 Minutes
  • Double  (OR) Even  Triple Your Stamina
  • Boost  Your  Sexual Confidence
  • Unlock  Your  Sexual Potential
  • Make Sex Amazing

How to Use Delay Creams And Gels In Surat

  • Make sure the area of application is dry.
  • Apply the cream all over the head and shaft and massage for 1-2 minute until it gets absorbed into the skin.
  • Wipe off the excess cream.

How to Use Delay Penis Gels

  • Hold the Gel can at a safe distance from the penis
  • Gel on the head and shaft of the penis, 2 to 3 Gels are advisable
  • Allow the product to get absorbed completely before indulging in sexual intercourse.
  • Once the product is absorbed you can go ahead and use condoms and lubricants as desired.

Delay Gel - Helps Guys Last Longer

Do you know what it is like to extend your pleasure and finish when you want?
We will give you a hint. It is kind of, like when your partner teases you - slowly - and the pleasure puts you over the edge.
But Delay Gel helps you last longer. Therefore, you prolong that pleasure as long as you like.
Do you want to know how that feels - and look in your partner's eyes as she climaxes once, twice or more until youchoose to release your load? Then step up and be ready...


Delay Gel makes sex last longer. That is because it is formulated with a mild anesthetic, called benzocaine, which absorbs into the subcutaneous layers of penile tissue.
Within 10 minutes, that tells the nerves in this area to be less sensitive to stimuli. You are telling your penis to 'slow down' and enjoy the ride.
It is a precise blend - from the makers of Delay Gel - designed to get maximum performance and pleasure out of the male anatomy. Just apply as directed and you are primed for the best, and longest sex of your life.


Use Delay Gel as directed and things get sexy.
You last long enough to pleasure your partner - and she returns the favor - with a high-quality male desensitizer Gel that is:


Two Gels get you twice the effect!

Delay Gel puts YOU in control of how long you last. Gel it on once and you're ready for passion. Gel it on twice and you are in for more pleasur.


Just Gel it on and you are ready to go.

You can rely on Delay Gel. It is consistent - just having it in your bedroom can alleviate performance anxiety. You can use Delay Gel whenever you like.

DELAY GEL ABSORBS in less Than 10 minutes.

You will be ready quickly with Delay Gel. Most guys find they're up and running in less than 10 minutes.


We get it - it is a pain in the butt to get a prescription (not to mention a little embarrassing!). You do not need one with Delay Gel, and it is very discreet.

The Delay Gel is condom safe. Also, try it out with sex toys like penis rings for out of this world sex sessions.

Thank you for choosing Royal Toy as your online buy Delay Gel in Surat for Best Delay Gel Adult Store in Surat.

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